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When the Policy on Taxable and Non-Taxable Payments was first implemented in 2003 all Department Chairs, School Fellowship Coordinators, Research Staff and Principal Investigators who have stipend funds allotted on their active awards were trained. Additional courses can be scheduled upon request. Training reviews the policy and procedures, commonly used terminology, how to properly characterize payments, what forms are needed and how to complete the necessary forms, and new roles and responsibilities.

Whom do I call for help?

For questions regarding the policy, training, and/or any general questions you may have, please contact Geri Rypkema, Office of Graduate Student Assistantships and Fellowships, at 202-994-6822.

For help within your particular school or for training, please contact your respective School Fellowship Coordinator. Names, departments, numbers, and e-mail addresses are listed below.

Joyce Jarrett, GWSB 994-4217 jjarrett14@gwu.edu
Michael Moore, GWSB 994-6129 mooremw@gwu.edu
Katherine Conaty, CCAS 994-8118 kconaty@gwu.edu
Melissa Busskohl, CCAS 994-8571 mbuss@gwu.edu
Marc Wittlif, Institute for Biomedical Sciences 994-2142


Geri Rypkema, GSAF 994-6829


Pete Van Riper, GSAF 994-6835


Bethany O'Neil, GSEHD 994-3406 beoneil@gwu.edu
Michael May, GSEHD 994-5369 mrmay@gwu.edu
Hillary Stowell, ESIA 994-0142 stowellh@gwu.edu
Can Korman, SEAS 994-2245 korman@gwu.edu
Allison Benner, SEAS 994-3932 abenner@gwu.edu
Tanya Weber, SEAS 994-7641 tweber@gwu.edu
Miki Hayashi, SEAS 994-2341 capediem@gwu.edu
Jack Chatman, CPS (Non-GSPM Programs) 496-6293 jchatman@gwu.edu
Suzanne Farrand, CPS (GSPM Programs) 994-9309 sfarrand@gwu.edu
Mark Justice, GWSPH 994-2160 mjustice@email.gwu.edu

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